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Things I end up writing about for one reason or another, which I might as well make generally available to justify the effort that went into them.

  Reaching me: when and where to call me. updated 2004-02-29
  Career: my professional history. updated 2004-02-29

Software Development
  The Virtual Office: how a physically-distributed team can work effectively. updated 2004-02-29
  Monthly goals: a form of incremental development. added 1996-03-02
  Intellectual Control: how to write code more productively. updated 1996-03-25
  Hiring out development: when it makes sense to have your development team do odd jobs. added 1996-04-17

Essays On Readings
  About Face by Alan Cooper on UI design. added 1996-03-04
  Inner Loops by Rick Booth. updated 1997-11-30
  Web Page Programming with Perl and JavaScript updated 1998-01-07
  The Power of PenPoint by Robert Carr and Dan Shafer. added 1996-03-21
  Software Requirements and Specifications by Michael Jackson. added 1996-04-10
  SB talk by Kai Krause on Kai Power Tools. added 1996-04-25
  Components for software development. updated 1996-05-29
  Collaborative filtering. added 1996-03-21
  Formal Methods. updated 1997-05-31

Essays On Readings
  The Art of Ware by Bruce Webster on software marketing. added 1996-03-04
  John Walker's web site by John Walker. added 1996-03-21
  The Road Ahead by Bill Gates, on the information superhighway. added 1996-04-26

  Process Improvement: how to do everything better. updated 1996-08-10
  Use reason: every action taken by management should have a reasoned basis. updated 1996-08-10
  Requirement/Design: an analytical approach used by management for goal-directed problem solving. added 1996-03-02
  Product lifecycle: the stages of development of a product. added 1996-04-18
  Specifications: how to describe things. added 1996-04-10
  The perfect employee: the employee characteristics most helpful to group progress. added 1996-04-17

Essays On Readings
  Microsoft Secrets: on MS development. added 1996-03-03
  I Sing the Body Electric by Fred Moody on MS multimedia development. added 1996-03-03
  The Entrepreneur's Manual by Richard M. White added 1996-06-26
  The Dilbert Principle by Scott Adams added 1996-07-05

  Reading Chronicle updated 1998-01-07
  A Pause For Thought: an original poem. added 1997-01-08
  Good Taste Is Bad For You: taste and nerds. added 1998-01-08

Essays On Readings
  U and I by Nicholson Baker. updated 1996-03-25
  The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey. added 1996-04-26
  The Ambassadors by Henry James. added 1996-06-01
  Snow Falling On Cedars added 1996-06-14
  Microserfs by Douglas Coupland added 1996-06-26
  Powers Of Mind by Adam Smith added 1996-08-10
  Discourse On Method by Rene Descartes added 1996-09-06

Older articles
  Older articles added 2004-02-29

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