On Software Requirements and Specifications by Michael Jackson

A short book organized as a lexicon of terms Jackson has found to be focal points for ideas developed during his years working in software development. The book has no single theme; rather, it has several interrelated themes that are discussed from the viewpoints of different lexicon entries.

This is one of those fairly concise but multitopic books that is difficult to summarize, because it has such a high idea density that it acts as its own summary. Its biggest themes are that developers must focus on problems rather than solutions, and they must use a variety of description techniques. These are weary old topics, but they are treated here in a more concise and less pseudoscientific way than is usual, with cogent examples, with the result that the book is enjoyable reading.

The ideas this book led me to are incorporated into a document on specifications.


M. Jackson, Software Requirements & Specifications, ISBN 0-201-87712-0, Addison Wesley, 1995.
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